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CEWARN convenes Somalia national meeting in Mogadishu

CEWARN Director Dr. Martin Kimani and team travelled to Mogadishu to conduct a national consultation meeting with the Somalia national Conflict Early Warning and Response Unit (CEWERU) and relevant government and non-government institutions on 8 -9 February.

The meeting was opened with statements from the Director General of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Transitional Federal Government (TFG) of Somalia Mr. Osman Mohammed Adan and Dr. Martin Kimani.

Some key objectives of the meeting included conducting a review of  progress towards the full operationalisation of the national CEWERU of Somalia as well as discussing CEWARN’s future operations in light of the new Strategy Plan (2012-2019) which is under development.

The meeting covered discussions on key conflict types and drivers as well as optimum use of CEWARN early warning and response structures to address pastoral and related conflicts in cross-border areas in the post-2012 period.

The meeting was concluded with a luncheon that was hosted by Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs of the TFG of Somalia Mr. Abdinur Sheikh Ibrahim Roble and presentation of awards to four national CEWERU members in recognition of outstanding contribution to its work.

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