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Call for Application: Editor for CEWARN Compendium

CEWARN is looking for an  editor with a demonstrable track record to co-direct content development and undertake rigorous editing of all contents of the CEWARN compendium 2003-2013.  The CEWARN compendium book project is initiated to commemorate CEWARN’s decade-long operations as an early warning and response mechanism serving the IGAD region – in building national and regional capabilities to anticipate and prevent violent conflicts. The compendium will cover the mechanism’s experiences, methodological development, accomplishments and challenges in conflict prevention and mitigation in the 2003-2011period.

The timing of the project is also aligned with a period of transition at CEWARN towards a new phase of operations. It is, therefore, aimed at catalyzing strategic thinking and a forward-looking reflection on emerging nature and dynamics of peace and security in the region as well as how best CEWARN can position itself.

See TOR for more details.

Deadline for Application: 17 May 2013

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