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CEWARN Senior Policy Organ considers outcome of regional scenario building exercise on peace and security

On 25 – 26 November 2019, the CEWARN Unit and the Somali national Conflict Early Warning and Response Unit (CEWERU) hosted a revitalization meeting in Mogadishu.

The CEWARN protocol stipulates that a functional national CEWERU should have an active CEWERU Committee that comprises representatives of key government institutions including security agencies and parliamentarians as well as civil society groups that include academic/research and religious institutions.

Accordingly, the two-day meeting was aimed at revitalizing the national CEWERU by expanding its membership and inducting the new members on the CEWARN mechanism’s operations as well as its data collection analysis framework and tools.

In attendance were: representatives of line ministries, civil society organizations, National Research Institutes, religious leaders, women and youth groups, and members of parliament that are all members of the CEWERU National Committee.

On the same occasion, CEWARN Unit team lead by the CEWERU Liaison Officer, provided orientation on the progress of development of the CEWARN response framework. The European Union provided financial support for this activity under the IGAD Promoting Peace and Security in the Horn of Africa Region Programme (IPPSHAR).

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