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CEWARN and GIZ hold consultation on ongoing cooperation

CEWARN Director Dr. Martin Kimani Mbugua and staff held a consultation on ongoing cooperation with representatives of Competence Centre for Human Capacity Development of GIZ from 12-14 January in Bonn, Germany.

The consultations covered an evaluation of jointly implemented programmes so far and areas of cooperation in year 2012 with particular focus on strengthening the CEWARN mechanism’s early warning and response capabilities in new areas of reporting in Somalia and South Sudan.

 Other areas include a review and upgrading of grants management systems under the CEWARN Rapid Response Fund (RRF) and the development of a monitoring and evaluation system. The support is part of a second phase of cooperation between the Competence Centre for Human Capacity Development of GIZ (former InWEnt) and CEWARN from 2010-2012.

The first phase of cooperation between InWEnt and CEWARN was from 2007-2009 and included the development of a comprehensive training manual on Conflict Prevention, Management and Resolution (CPMR) as well as a related training of trainers’ programme.

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