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Special Reports

Strengthening Early Response From The Ground Up - Lessons From The Rapid Respond Fund Phase II

Year of Publication: November 2023

This report is an abridged version which focuses on lessons learnt from the implementation of RRF Phase II projects that were supported by the European Union through IGAD Promoting Peace and Stability in the Horn of Africa (IPPSHAR) program between January 2020 and July 2023. The RRF projects aimed at catalyzing and facilitating efforts of member states to prevent, mitigate, or resolve violent conflicts, thereby contributing towards regional peace and prosperity.

Regional Report: Periodic Thematic Research on Youth Unemployment Linkage with Leading Eight causes of Conflicts in the IGAD Region.

Year of Publication: March 2023

This synthetized regional report is based on research findings that dissects periodic thematic research on youth unemployment. The report corroborates conflict early warning and early response mechanism’s (CEWARN) study that initially identified eight major contributors to the causes of conflict in the IGAD region.

Conflict, Climate change, Food security, and Mobility in the Karamoja cluster

Year of Publication: July 2022

The report presents the findings of a study commissioned by FAO, IGAD-CEWARN, IGAD Cross-border Development and Facilitation Unit (IGAD-CBDFU) and Interpeace, undertaken between November 2021 and April 2022 to analyse resource based conflicts in the Karamoja cluster.

SECCI Training Manual for Peace Building, Conflict Prevention and Conflict Sensitivity

Year of Publication: July 2020

This Training Manual (TM) is on revised version of IGAD-CEWARN original Trainer’s manual of 2002. The development of the manual guide involved collecting views from key users in the three clusters under SECCI (Support for Effective Cooperation and Coordination for Cross-border initiatives) region and experience of conflict analysis from CEWARN old manual with critical identification of the gaps on peacebuilding, conflict prevention and conflict sensitivity.

CEWARN Comprehensive Report

Year of Publication: April 2020

This report is a support to SECCI (Support for Effective Cooperation and Coordination for Cross border Initiatives) projects to develop, update and customize training manual on peacebuilding, conflict prevention and conflict sensitivity.

Policy Framework on the Nexus between Informal Cross Border Trade and Cross Border Security Governance.

Year of Publication: June 2018

This Policy Framework adopted by IGAD Trade Ministers in June 2018, proposes key shifts in the conduct of informal cross-border trade in the IGAD region to promote human security and cross-border security governance.

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