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CEWARN and national CEWERUs convene to evaluate progress of new strategy framework roll out

CEWARN‬ Director Mr. Richard Barno and team held a two-day retreat with Heads of CEWARN national Conflict Early Warning and Response Units (‪CEWERUs‬) of ‪‎Djibouti‬, ‪Ethiopia‬, ‎Kenya‬, Somalia‬,‎SouthSudan‬, ‎Sudan‬ and ‪Uganda‬ on 28-29 May 2015 in Mombassa, Kenya. The main agenda of the retreat was to review the progress in the implementation of the CEWARN 2012-19 strategy framework and tackle some of the challenges facing the new data collection and analysis system.

Some of the concerns discussed include the timely roll out of the expanded CEWARN Reporter which is a software tool and an essential part of CEWARN’s regional data collection and analysis system; the integration of sms-based data collection system into the CEWARN Reporter as well as the expansion of CEWARN’s local-level structures to include civil society networks that will be relied on for data collection.

In terms of strengthening national CEWERUs, discussions focused on increasing human resources, revamping CEWERU steering committees as well as the development of effective national Resource Mobilization strategies. In addition, a session was devoted to appraise the progress of implementation of conflict prevention projects supported by CEWARN’s regional response facility called the Rapid Response Fund (RRF).

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