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We are hiring: External reviewer of the CEWARN compendium

CEWARN is preparing to publish a compendium to commemorate its 15-years of operation as a conflict prevention mechanism in the Horn of Africa region. The CEWARN Compendium was conceived in light of CEWARN’s transition from pilot project addressing cross-border pastoral and related conflicts from 2002-2012 to a more comprehensive mechanism addressing diverse forms of inter-state and intrastate conflicts.

CEWARN is looking to hire a short-term consultant to do an independent and thorough review of the CEWARN Compendium draft volume with a view towards ensuring it meets high standards in terms of content, presentation, organization, length, and supplementary graphic content.

The Compendium is a comprehensive but eclectic collection of perspectives on the inception and evolution of the CEWARN conflict early warning mechanism. The content is rich, diverse, and by nature at times idiosyncratic.

The issues covered range from pastoralist conflict to the application of predictive algorithms identifying symptoms and indicators of violent conflict in the Horn of Africa.

Please refer to Terms of reference for further details on application modalities.

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