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Regional sector experts review CEWARN early warning system

CEWARN convened a meeting of experts in its five sectors of focus, namely, economy, security, governance, Social affairs and environment from Djibouti, Ethiopia, Kenya, Sudan, South Sudan and Uganda on 15-17 May 2019 in Mombasa.

The experts meeting’s aim was to undertake a review of CEWARN’s early warning system including review of its data collection templates as well as its indicators for events’ reporting and situation briefs.

CEWARN gathers conflict early warning data from across the region using a civil society-based network of data collectors who report on incidents as they occur and also periodically submit situation briefs across the five sectors of focus. CEWARN also uses a sophisticated software tool called ‘the CEWARN reporter’ to manage vast amounts of early warning data pulled from the region.

The CEWARN reporter’s functions include tracking, categorizing and doing preliminarily analysis of data including its visual representation through maps and other graphics.

The Experts Review Workshop reviewed and improved on CEWARN’s draft Conflict, Risk, Trend, and Response Analysis Frameworks. The outputs from the Workshop will inform an upgrade of the CEWARN Reporter and will further strengthen the mechanism Data Collection, Analysis and Response operations.

The activity was undertaken with the generous support of the European Union.

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