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CEWARN facilitated a national conflict profiling exercise for Ethiopia on 19 – 23 October in Bishoftu, The exercise drew together over thirty thematic experts in governance, Security, economy, social affairs and environment sectors that reflect the broad areas of focus of CEWARN’s conflict early warning work.

The experts that represent a mix of governmental and non-governmental entities were also drawn from provincial and federal entities across the country. The aim of the exercise was to identify emerging risks of violent conflict in the country with a view to inform CEWARN’s early warning and response work in Ethiopia.

The national conflict profiling exercise entailed identification of key developments in the country along the five sectors of focus and corresponding trends-to-watch as threats to human security in Ethiopia.

Some of the themes that came up include: youth unemployment and radicalization; heightened ethnic-based tensions; migration and internal displacement; questions related to constitutional reform; environmental degradation/disasters as well as resource based conflicts. 

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