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CEWARN holds regional sensitization workshop on new standard operating Procedures of revitalized Rapid Response Fund

CEWARN launches an expanded Rapid Response Fund (RRF) for use by national and community-based institutions in IGAD Member States to facilitate timely response to mitigate crises. RRF funds operate on a project basis with elaborate management procedures.

On 2-4 March, CEWARN held a sensitization workshop on new standard operating procedures of the Rapid Response Fund (RRF) for heads of its national Early Warning ‪ and Response Units (CEWERUs) and Financial Administration Units (FAUs) of member states, which were constituted to manage the facility.

Projects eligible to receive CEWARN RRF grants are typically short-term emergency ‪peace building interventions with a maximum value of Euro 50,000. National units who oversee project implementation appraise RRF projects initiated by local peace structures. The RRF avails 3 million Euros for a period of two years.

On 5 March 2021, the National Steering Committee’s Secretary of Peacebuilding and Disaster Response Mr. Peter Thuku and CEWARN Director Mr. Camlus Omogo convened a national launch event of CEWARN Rapid Response Fund for Kenya in Naivasha.

In attendance were Kenyan government and non-government institutions engaged in peace building such as members of the national conflict early warning and response unit’s steering committee, county commissioners, representatives of local peace committees and civil society organizations.

RRF funds were obtained from the Austria Development Agency (ADA), the governments of Netherlands, and Sweden as well as the European Union through the IGAD Promoting Peace and Stability in the Horn of Africa Region (IPPSHAR) program.

Refer to Press release for further information.

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