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CEWARN’s new communications strategy aims to strengthen mechanism’s impact

CEWARN is holding a virtual basic communications training for coordinators, programme leads and communications focal persons of its national Conflict Early Warning and Response Units (CEWERUs) in Djibouti, Ethiopia, Kenya, Somalia, South Sudan, Sudan and Uganda on 14-16 July 2021.

The training’s content includes: developing ‘messages that resonate’, multi-media story-telling, writing OP-EDs and effective media engagement. CEWARN recently completed the development of a new communications strategy that aims to expand the mechanism’s reach and influence.

CEWARN intends to expand its partnership base to embrace all key national and regional institutions working in security, governance, economy, social affairs and environment sectors in the IGAD region. This is in line with the thematic scope of CEWARN’s early warning and response work.

The CEWARN Communications Strategy is also aimed at achieving better positioning of the mechanism to inform high-level decision making on peace, security and development issues in the region. In addition, the CEWARN communications strategy emphasises the need for a proactive engagement with mainstream and social media in light of their critical influence on peace and security dynamics in the IGAD region.

Refer to English and French versions of the CEWARN Communications Strategy.

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